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Our Story


After graduating from university I decided to move to Thailand. My health insurance refused to give me more than 3 months’ worth of prescriptions I thought I could not live without. I fractured my back when I was 13 and had already been battling anxiety for much of my life. The move was a catalyst to make a change about how I was taking care of my body and mind. I desperately sought ways to improve my health through more natural medicinal options such as plant medicine and using a holistic approach. By the time I arrived in Thailand to teach English, I had committed to a new lifestyle of natural healing. This led me to discover CBD. 

I began educating myself on CBD, reading everything I could find, and trying all the products I could, until I decided to create my own – something that would come from organically grown hemp, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and packaged and delivered sustainably. Today, it’s called Vital Tonics.

I spent a year learning about the science of CBD oil and how your body receives it. I also learned that up to 90% of a regular CBD oil dose is lost through digestion, I thought there must be a better way to absorb it fully and quickly. CBD oil travels through your blood, and since blood is mostly water, it didn’t make sense to me to be using a CBD product that was oil-based, when we know that oil and water don’t mix. I set off to create a product that wasn’t diluted in oil, which is the industry standard. Instead, I created a water-diluted CBD tincture that your bloodstream actually absorbs. 

I found a solution by using what’s called “nano-emulsified CBD oil.” Regular CBD oil molecules range in size from 500 - 1000 nanometers, nano-emulsified CBD oil molecules are around 25 nanometers. Our nano-molecules are so tiny they bypass digestion. You feel the effects almost immediately, leading to on the spot relaxation. 

This combination of nano-emulsified and water-soluble CBD oil makes the recipe for The Tonic, the foundation for all our products, revolutionary. The Tonic is the first of its kind. Our recipe is our own, you won’t find another CBD product on the market like it. 

Get ready to chill. Now.

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